Billion Payout For WPT 2017

The payout for World Poker Tour this year would be one billion dollars and with the expanded schedule of stops that it has added to this year’s series, there is definitely an expansion feature on for the WPT.

This was also made apparent in the vision of the venture as shared by the CEO. As many poker players will admit, WPT has helped several people launch their careers in professional poker. The inception of this tour based tournament series of poker was started in 2002. It has then become a staple for poker tournament participants as it continues every year. Today it is also a forerunner in the televised live poker tournaments.

WPT has definitely contributed to the boom that poker has had in recent times as well as for the popularity of televised poker. The broadcasts are known as World Series of Poker as well as World Poker Tour. Continue reading “Billion Payout For WPT 2017”

Matt Affleck AKA “The Patt”: A Serious Poker Player

Matt Affleck aka “the patt” is a male poker player. His hometown is the city of Seattle. His country of origin is the United States of America. He has the total casino winnings of $1,433,241 he has won the total career cashees12.

He has also won 99 career cashes in the poker playing history. He has16 facebook likes and facebook followers. He has total casino winnings of $1,442,241 he has the total cashes that is the total casino winnings of 58 casino. This player is a very young and a talented poker player he is very aggressive and food loving personality. He is known also for his games but also for his love towards the food. In the world series of poker he has the total winnings of $65,765 he has the total cashes of 5 he has 0 championships and he could not even achieve any final tables in the poker games played by him in his own poker playing events and history.

In the world poker tournaments he has the total winnings of $65,765 which is a good amount to take home. He has won 5 career cashes in the same game but unfortunately could not achieve any championships and final tables in the world poker series. In the European poker tournament he has the total winnings of $104,389. He has won only 2 careers cash in the same tournament. Continue reading “Matt Affleck AKA “The Patt”: A Serious Poker Player”