Leeds Poker Room Rises In Popularity

A gambling parlor in northern England seems to be increasing in popularity for which they are increasing the poker offerings. The casino known as Victoria Gate casino in Leeds now has one of the biggest rooms for poker outside London. The casino stated to the media that they have recently added nine more tables in the room where poker is played that has doubled the existing capacity of the poker room. The managing director of the casino stated that they were delighted to enhance the poker offerings which are now in increasing demand.


Leeds is seeing the popularity of the game and demand of infrastructure is increasing. The casino also plans to add a poker room in nearby Yorkshire. It is one among 150 casinos in total that exist in England. There was a report issued in the month of May 2017 by the Gambling Commission of the country. The report stated that about 13.8 billion are spent every year, which includes poker games as well. Today there are about 600 poker tables that are available in the brick and mortar outlets in England, which equates the number available in Nevada in US. There are talks about sharing online poker rooms and revenue with New Jersey. If UK gambling authorities take such a step, then there would be an increase in growth and popularity of online poker rooms for UK. Indeed, if the collaboration comes through, the online poker rooms would be able to get a wider audience and the countries or respective jurisdictions would be able to reap benefits of the revenue that comes through. Of course the revenue sharing model needs to be planned out accordingly. As of now, it seems that poker is picking up in popularity in England that holds promise for the online poker rooms as well.
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