Scott Excited About 888poker Fest

Kara Scott is the ambassador of 888poker and she is very excited for the event of 888poker at King’s Casino Rozvadov.

There are so many reasons for her to get happy for the event, let’s check some of them.

When asked what makes you so happy about the event, she replied “I have heard a lot about King’s Casino Rozvadov but was never been here. All Europe is talking about this casino and the event. And, I got the chance to be here.

Scott is also the host of the event and talking about the preparation she said, there is nothing much to prepare, I am working with the best team. So, everything here is synchronized, well framed. I have got all the direction what I have to do throughout the event and I just have plan things that way. This year we are planning to create some good videos and take excellent pictures of the event. Continue reading “Scott Excited About 888poker Fest”

Celebrities Are Fond Of Pokers

It is not ordinary people, but celebrities are equally interested in playing cards.

However, for them gambling is not just about a fun game. Most often they participate or host poker games for charity purposes. The entire money won during the game is offered to charitable institutes which is a great way to play a game so as to help people in need. It is also a hobby for many celebrities.

It is not easy to figure out the casual player and the professional one. For instance, celebrities like Ben Affleck successfully won the California Championship in the year 2004. This was primarily due to the fact that playing cards were his passion. The famous actor is well known for being a huge enthusiast in the field of gambling. Besides, there are several musicians involved in the card games. Out of many, Biz Markie is one of the renowned musicians that played splendidly in Hip Hop Tournament in 2006. Continue reading “Celebrities Are Fond Of Pokers”

WSOP 2016 Episodes On ESPN

The 1st episodes of the main event of the World Series of Poker 2016 have been telecasted on ESPN.

The initial 2 episodes started this week as the network picked up the action late on the 4th day. The week’s game started after the break wherein only 357 were remaining from 6737 players that started the event. The episodes covered the last levels until only 251 were remaining of the night.

There were 2 former champions of the Main Event with feature table time. Greg Raymer, the winner of 2004 and Ryan Riess, the 2013 champion and both serving short stacks. Many busts and all-ins were shown from the outer tables and glimpses of Griffin Benger, Kenny Hallaert and Cliff Josephy were captured.

Ryan Riess held the championship bracelet of the Main Event recently and told everyone that he is one of the best poker champions in the world. This humble poker player has been consistently impressing people for last 3 years and has made himself available for the media and his fans. He is definitely the best ambassador for the game.

As far as Greg Raymer is concerned, he may have lost the deal of sponsorship with PokerStars, but he is still one of the best players. He is great at the table and attracts people to play the game with him. He is yet another man whom you certainly want to play poker with. Continue reading “WSOP 2016 Episodes On ESPN”

Florida Legislature doubtful to sanction a new contract with Seminole Tribe

Legislation to introduce a brand new gambling compact along with Seminole Tribe is conked in the Florida Senate. As per a report appeared on a leading website, it is likely that it would not be moving anywhere in this session.
This is really not a great news for a state which economically benefits from the Seminole Tribe’s gaming operations which have prompted Florida to the 3rd largest tribal gaming market in the nation, trailing just to Oklahoma and California. The casino market of the Sunshine State is worth around US$ 2.4 billion yearly, and this is still developing.
Florida’s governor, in late 2015, brokered a brand new twenty year contract which would offer the state US$ 3 billion over the first 7 years and probably billions more by the end, in exchange for allowing the Seminoles maintain and expand some exclusive gambling compensates.
Last summer, the earlier compact expired and the tribe has been carrying on their business as usual at its 7 casinos since then. Still, the Seminoles sued Florida regarding the former’s call that its exclusiveness for table games has been breached already. The state has taken the fact that the tribe is presently operating without a compact to court.

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Andjelko wins ACOP Super High Roller 2015

The Asia Championship 2015 of Poker $500000 HKD buy-in super high roller no-limit hold’em game drew a total of fifty-one entries to establish a total prize pool of $24235200 HKD.

As one would anticipate for an event of this type, the final table had several big names of the game, including Erik Seidel (6th spot – US$220,506), Steve O’Dwyer (4th spot – US$346,580), Bryn Kenney (3rd spot – US$472,550) as well as recent Poker Hall of Fame inductee John Juanda (2nd spot – US$724,620). Finally, it was Andjelko Andrejevic, also known as Andy, came out as the winner, securing the title as well as the first prize of US$1,134,250.
The Serbian-American poker player finally finished with quite an impressive ROI in this tournament after beaming in for just $40,000 HKD, which is around roughly US$5,100. He turned that into over US$1.1 million at his 4th final table of this year.

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An Excited Competition of Human Poker Players and AI

A very interesting competition is going on from 24 April, and this excited competition will keep on by 8 May. It is not any ordinary poker players’ competition. It is a different one occurring between four poker players and a machine.

It is considered that the four poker players may defeat to the Claudico which is an artificial intelligence and it has been linked with a supercomputer. The four poker players who are participating into this ‘Human Vs Computer’ competition are Doug Polk who has won bracelet in the World Series of Poker; the Second player Bjorn Li, he is an online player; and third & fourth players are Jason & Dong Kim. The competition named ‘Brain Versus Artificial Intelligence’ is going on from the 11 am to 10 pm. This competition is sponsored by the Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science. Continue reading “An Excited Competition of Human Poker Players and AI”