Celebrities Are Fond Of Pokers

It is not ordinary people, but celebrities are equally interested in playing cards.

However, for them gambling is not just about a fun game. Most often they participate or host poker games for charity purposes. The entire money won during the game is offered to charitable institutes which is a great way to play a game so as to help people in need. It is also a hobby for many celebrities.

It is not easy to figure out the casual player and the professional one. For instance, celebrities like Ben Affleck successfully won the California Championship in the year 2004. This was primarily due to the fact that playing cards were his passion. The famous actor is well known for being a huge enthusiast in the field of gambling. Besides, there are several musicians involved in the card games. Out of many, Biz Markie is one of the renowned musicians that played splendidly in Hip Hop Tournament in 2006.

Also, another great professional is Scott Ian, who is the guitarist that has shown great interest and enthusiasm in the game. He stated that playing poker is one of his greatest hobbies. Many popular World Series poker champions consider him as a professional in the game.

Besides, another musician who deserves equal respect as a poker champion is Patrick Bruel. People know him as a great poker player than an actor or a musician. He has shown splendid performance in World Series of Poker and also seen in many online poker forums like Australian Online Pokies. Well, these are some of the popular names of musicians and actors that have achieved fame not only in the field of acting and music but also in playing cards. It is not just poker players, but many celebrities that are remembered for the best games they have ever played in the history.