Billion Payout For WPT 2017

The payout for World Poker Tour this year would be one billion dollars and with the expanded schedule of stops that it has added to this year’s series, there is definitely an expansion feature on for the WPT.

This was also made apparent in the vision of the venture as shared by the CEO. As many poker players will admit, WPT has helped several people launch their careers in professional poker. The inception of this tour based tournament series of poker was started in 2002. It has then become a staple for poker tournament participants as it continues every year. Today it is also a forerunner in the televised live poker tournaments.

WPT has definitely contributed to the boom that poker has had in recent times as well as for the popularity of televised poker. The broadcasts are known as World Series of Poker as well as World Poker Tour.

There have been several landmark moments in WPT such as Chris Moneymaker being an amateur player and winning 2.5 million dollars at the 2003 Main Event in WSOP as well as the investment that the tour has in Poker Stars. WPT has taken several moves over the years to maintain their position on the top. It has gained reputation of being a trusted brand in the world of competitive poker. The first WPT tournament was aired on the Travel Channel in the year 2003. Today the broadcasts of WPT remain with Fox Sports. It has hosted 16 seasons in total and several poker legends have emerged as a result. There have been 247 unique main events organized by WPT and winners who have emerged as WPT Legends of Poker, players like Scotty Nguyen, Dan Harrington, Gus Hansen, Doyle Brunson and others. The payouts have also risen over the year and this year the one billion prize money was announced by the CEO.