Dwan & Phua Play Triton SHR Jeju 2018 Cash Game

It was indeed a great episode of 2018 Triton Poker Super High Roller Jeju Cash Game of high-stakes poker which took place this week. Tom Dwan and Paul Phua showed their brilliant performance in the game.

The currency that was used to play the game South Korean one with $1 USD was equivalent to ₩1, 115. There was a good observation made by Lex Veldhuis as a commentator as Dwan and Phua were playing. Lex observed and pointed out on how the straddle impacted in deciding preflop in this hand. As per Lex, straddle helps player play lightly and also said straddle works as an extra blind in the game. it is basically a bet that is made before players get to see their hands and hence there is an additional dead money lying there. This is the main reason why people end playing aggressively here.
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5 Suggestions Recommended For Playing Poker Games Wildly

There are certain situations come up in entire Poker career along with so many crazy gamblers. This game consists of various opponents playing together and become abandoned. There are some players who jostle in the stacks post flops and pre flop with a wide range of fun when the result is about to come.

Hands might be shoved on the flop for hitting the center pair consisted of over card on the board or when player fell in a rush.
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Leeds Poker Room Rises In Popularity

A gambling parlor in northern England seems to be increasing in popularity for which they are increasing the poker offerings. The casino known as Victoria Gate casino in Leeds now has one of the biggest rooms for poker outside London. The casino stated to the media that they have recently added nine more tables in the room where poker is played that has doubled the existing capacity of the poker room. The managing director of the casino stated that they were delighted to enhance the poker offerings which are now in increasing demand.


Leeds is seeing the popularity of the game and demand of infrastructure is increasing. The casino also plans to add a poker room in nearby Yorkshire. It is one among 150 casinos in total that exist in England. There was a report issued in the month of May 2017 by the Gambling Commission of the country. The report stated that about 13.8 billion are spent every year, which includes poker games as well. Today there are about 600 poker tables that are available in the brick and mortar outlets in England, which equates the number available in Nevada in US. There are talks about sharing online poker rooms and revenue with New Jersey. If UK gambling authorities take such a step, then there would be an increase in growth and popularity of online poker rooms for UK. Indeed, if the collaboration comes through, the online poker rooms would be able to get a wider audience and the countries or respective jurisdictions would be able to reap benefits of the revenue that comes through. Of course the revenue sharing model needs to be planned out accordingly. As of now, it seems that poker is picking up in popularity in England that holds promise for the online poker rooms as well.
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Billion Payout For WPT 2017

The payout for World Poker Tour this year would be one billion dollars and with the expanded schedule of stops that it has added to this year’s series, there is definitely an expansion feature on for the WPT.

This was also made apparent in the vision of the venture as shared by the CEO. As many poker players will admit, WPT has helped several people launch their careers in professional poker. The inception of this tour based tournament series of poker was started in 2002. It has then become a staple for poker tournament participants as it continues every year. Today it is also a forerunner in the televised live poker tournaments.

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New Casino Bill Signed By Connecticut Senate

The casinos in Connecticut have been seeing a revenue decline continuously for the past nine years.

This has hit the state very badly and they were looking for different ways to stop the revenue decline. The Connecticut Senate has given a thumbs-up to set a third casino in the state. They have passed the new casino bill and have sent the proposal to the House for immediate action. This bill was passed with a 24-12 vote count. With the permission for setting up this casino getting through, the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan tribes get an opportunity to jointly run a casino in East Windsor.

The tribes are looking to come out with a Las Vegas-style facility with an investment of $300 million. They have plans to set the casino at a former movie theater. It will be located very close to the MGM casino that is coming up in Springfield, Massachusetts that is barely 15 miles from the proposed site of the Connecticut Casino. If this casino is built by the tribes, it will be the first casino in Connecticut to be not on a tribal land. Continue reading “New Casino Bill Signed By Connecticut Senate”

Tuan Lam Recalls 2007 WSOP Runner–Up Experience

Tuan Lam had a career-best performance in the 2007 World Series of Poker and finished the event as the runner-up.

He won a total prize money of $4,840,981 for being the losing finalist and after this, he disappeared into oblivion. It was very difficult to trace Tuan as he was not active on Facebook and did not have a Twitter account.

Once he was spotted by user “M8Ludi” at Bellagio’s Noodles Saturday in July 2014 and they had a little bit of conversation. He was a true gentleman and did throw some light about his 2007 WSOP success. He came second to eventual winner Jerry Yang in the 2007 WSOP. The next time Lam was seen was at the 2014 WSOP Main Event. He was in the field and was happy that people still notice him. Continue reading “Tuan Lam Recalls 2007 WSOP Runner–Up Experience”